Atlas Requirement:


At least 1 member of every team MUST have ATLAS installed. The latest build can be downloaded here:

In order to set up Atlas, the player will need to add their name to the program and link the application to their EchoVR.exe. This filepath can easily be found and copied by: opening the Oculus desktop client, selecting Library, clicking the 3 dots under the Echo VR application, selecting Details, hovering over the location bar and right clicking on it to "copy to clipboard".

Tournament Ruleset:

The CVRE Echo Arena tournament is a university-based team competition, played on the Echo VR app located in the Oculus Store for Rift/Quest.

  1. ​​Teams consist of 3 active members and up to 2 substitutes.

  2. Only 3 players per team can be in the arena at any given time and can be swapped out in the event of an emergency, a disconnect, or when a point is scored. The other 2 must be in the spawn room. If a team has a player disconnect, the match is to be played out until a point is scored. Once the point is scored a player MUST hit the PAUSE button located on the terminal. The match resumes when all players are back in the match.

  3. For every 5 minutes that a team is late (Up to 15 minutes) 2 points will be awarded to the team that is on-time. If 15 minute elapse and the late team is still not in game, they forfeit the match.

  4. Before the match start/resumes, both captains must verify that the in-game rules match the following:

    • Minutes: 12

    • Round Count: 2

    • Rounds Played: All

    • Carry Points Over: True

    • Overtime: Match End

    • Mercy Enabled: True

    • Mercy Score Difference: 28

  5. During streamed matches there is a mandatory 3 minute halftime - however teams may extend this by up to 5 minutes if needed. In order to apply the halftime, a player must hit the PAUSE button on the terminal.

Round Robin and Grand Finals Organization:

  1. Team captains are required to get in touch with each other and decide a date and time that fits within the allotted time slots: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 5:30pm CST - 10pm CST


  3. Make sure to refer to the website calendar to see if the match time you picked is not already taken.

  4. If you can not find a time that works for both teams that fits within those timeslots then you may play at any time throughout the week, however your match will not be streamed.

  5. Top 4 will be decided based on overall win percentage at the end of the Round Robin.

Post Match Instructions:

  1. Celebrate! Or practice more so you can win your next match! Or cry if you got eliminated.