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Spark Requirement:


At least 1 member of every team MUST have Spark installed. The latest public build can be downloaded here:

Spark will enable teams to quickly set up matches and create join codes for other players and spectators. All information regarding setup can be found at the wiki linked here:

Tournament Ruleset:

The CVRE Echo Arena tournament is a university-based team competition, played on the Echo VR app located in the Oculus Store for Rift/Quest.

  1. ​​Teams consist of 4 active members and up to 2 alternates.

  2. Only 4 players per team can be in the arena while the match is ongoing. If someone is subbing in, one player on the team must leave the game before another member can join the lobby.

  3. Each team is allowed one 3-minute timeout per half. In order to call a timeout, you must hit the PAUSE button on the in-game terminal.

  4. Before the match start/resumes, both captains must verify that the in-game rules match the following:

    • Minutes: 12

    • Round Count: 2

    • Rounds Played: All

    • Carry Points Over: True

    • Overtime: Match End

    • Mercy Enabled: True

    • Mercy Score Difference: 21

  5. During streamed matches there is a mandatory 3-minute halftime - however, teams may extend this by up to 5 minutes if needed. In order to apply the halftime, a player must hit the PAUSE button on the terminal immediately after the first half ends.




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