Tournament Logistics:

  1. The CVRE Team competition is a school-based team tournament, played on the Echo Arena game mode.

  2. Team sizes consist of 3 players with up to  2 additional substitutes.

  3. Prizes will be given to the winning team (prizes are TBD).

  4. Each team will be representing the university where they are currently enrolled.

  5. The grand finals of this tournament will be single elimination.

Tournament Format:

  1. The CVRE Echo Arena tournament for Season 4 will be broken up into 4 stages.

  2. The 1 st – 3 rd stages feature a double-elimination tournament consisting of a total of 36 matches over a period of 12 weeks.

  3. Because this tournament structure mandates that 1 team receive a bye, the winner of each stage will be given the bye for the following stage. Winner of Season 3 will be given the bye for stage 1.

  4. The seed structure for stage 1 will be random (except for seed 1 as mentioned previously). The seeds structure for stage 2 and 3 will be based on the win percentages for the stage prior.

  5. The winner of each stage qualifies for stage 4. If a team wins multiple stages, the team with the next highest win percentage for that stage qualifies.

  6. Stage 4 consists of the semi and grand finals. The semifinals consist of a single match between the 2 teams with the lowest win percentages out of the 3 qualified teams.

  7. The team with the highest win percentage overall through the previous 3 stages will play the winner of the semi-finals in the grand finals.

  8. Teams are allowed to play one 2v3 match per stage in the event of an absent player. After this, teams without a complete team at the start of the match will forfeit. 

Pre-Match Requirements:

  1. All players MUST download install, and be familiar with how to use ATLAS. The app needs to be linked to echovr.exe (link to download is 

  2. All teams MUST be locked into the private match at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled match.

  3. If a team fails to meet the above requirement, the opposing team is given the option to force a forfeit from the tardy team or allow an extra 10 minutes for the team to arrive after the scheduled match time has passed before disqualification will occur.

  4. If a team is not present in the private match 15 minutes prior to the match, it will result in a forfeit for the absent party.

  5. Match host (the team that creates the private lobby) is determined by rock, paper, scissors. The winner creates the lobby via ATLAS and puts CVRE in the title.

  6. The host can be changed in at half time if need be.


During Match Instructions:

  1. Matches consist of two 12-minute halves, a running clock and a mandatory 3-minute halftime scheduled between them.

  2. The score from the first half transitions over to the second.

  3. The pre-round countdown will be changed from the default 15-second countdown to 10 seconds.

  4. In the case of a DC, the game continues as normal until a point is scored. If a team member has still not connected after a goal the game is stopped momentarily.

  5. Teams can bring both subs into the match however they may not leave the starting room unless an issue arises.

  6. Teams are allowed to call one 2 minute timeout after a goal is scored per half.

  7. A timeout is called by hitting the restart request button in the starting room, the score and time must be set back to normal as soon as the restart has taken effect.

  8. If a team acquires a lead of 21 points, mercy is implemented and the match will end.


Post Match Instructions:

  1. Celebrate! Or practice more so you can win your next match! Or cry if you got eliminated.