Tournament Ruleset:

The CVRE Echo Arena tournament is a university-based team competition, played on the Echo VR app located in the Oculus Store for Rift/Quest.

  1. ​​Teams consist of 3 active members and up to 2 substitutes.

  2. Only 3 players per team can be in the arena at any given time and can be swapped out in the event of an emergency, a disconnect, or when a point is scored. The other 2 must be in the spawn room.

  3. For every 5 minutes that a team is late (Up to 15 minutes) 2 points will be awarded to the team that is on-time. If 15 minute elapse and the late team is still not in game, they forfeit the match.

  4. Before the match start/resumes, both captains must verify that the in-game rules match the following:

    • Minutes: 12

    • Round Count: 2

    • Rounds Played: All

    • Carry Points Over: True

    • Overtime: Match End

    • Mercy Enabled: True

    • Mercy Score Difference: 28

  5. During streamed matches there is a mandatory 3 minute halftime - however teams may extend this by up to 5 minutes if needed. In order to apply the halftime, a player must hit the PAUSE button on the terminal.

Round Robin and Grand Finals Organization:

  1. Team captains are required to get in touch with each other and decide a date and time that fits within the allotted time slots: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 5:30pm CST - 10pm CST


  3. Make sure to refer to the website calendar to see if the match time you picked is not already taken.

  4. If you can not find a time that works for both teams that fits within those timeslots then you may play at any time throughout the week, however your match will not be streamed.

  5. Top 4 will be decided based on overall win percentage at the end of the Round Robin.

Post Match Instructions:

  1. Celebrate! Or practice more so you can win your next match! Or cry if you got eliminated.