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The following are the rules presented to all participants (player, captain, and community) of CVRE:
1. All participants must be of at least 18 years of age.
2. All competing players on a team must be currently enrolled at the same college or university.

3. Each team must pay the season's registration fee before being allowed to participate in a tournament. The fee is non-refundable.
4. All participants are forbidden from engaging in any sort of discrimination or harassment.
5. All participants must show sportsmanship to the best of their ability.
6. All participants are forbidden from placing bets on any games, matches or tournaments involving CVRE.
7. All participants agree to be prepared and ready to compete for all scheduled matches. Failure to do so will lead to forfeiture of the match, and potentially removal from the League in the event of multiple infractions.
8. Sending/linking any illegal or harmful material, disclosing another player's personal information, or attempting to circumvent bans or punishments enforced by moderators and admins in the CVRE Discord server will result in immediate removal from the server and disqualification from League participation.

The League reserves the right to modify any previous rules at any time. Any violation of the above Participation Agreement will result in punishment by CVRE however the League sees fit.




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